CHILLIN is a beautifully landscaped 1 ½ acre property consisting of six 4 bedroom townhouses and six 2 bedroom apartments, a gazebo, a swimming pool with whirlpool, and adequate parking. A short 200-yard walk provides access to an exquisite white sand beach where you can submerge yourself in the waves of the warm Caribbean Sea.

1 Bedroom$300$1,890$3302
2 Bedroom$370$2,331$4004
3 Bedroom$550$3,465$6006
4 Bedroom$650$4,095$7008

*Prices quoted are for the periods June – August and December – January.

1 Bedroom$250$1,575$2802
2 Bedroom$320$2,016$3504
3 Bedroom$500$3,150$5506
4 Bedroom$600$3,780$6508

*Prices quoted are for the periods February – May and September – November.


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